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Roadmap for 1.1.5
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Posted on 13-07-2010 06:46

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In the roadmap for version 1.1.5 we have text support for CDR importer (Corel Draw v7-12,X3,X4), and xara importer. However it seems that none of them work. I tried these features both with Inkscape and uniconvertor alone, but the result was the same: the texts are ignored in the CDR files and the xara support is missing. Can someone confirm that the roadmap isn't respected?
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Posted on 13-07-2010 17:36
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Really nice question! Actually we need changing roadmap because current project code base should be seriously refactored.

As you known Sketch/Skencil was an ancestor of sK1 Project. So sK1 & UniConvertor have inherited Skencil internal structure. Unfortunately this architecture is not perfect and we come to the limits of its use.

Each importer in Skencil pattern is a python module with certain internal structure. Although classes are used there but real programming style is a procedure oriented. Such pattern is good for stream format like PLT, Skencil/sK1 formats where model objects are completely defined inside it's chunk. But there is a lot of formats which has distributed property definitions. For example in SVG format you can find gradient filled rectangle in the end of file, but gradient definition for this shape can be located anywhere inside the file.

For procedural programming such a situation turns into a living hell. The code becomes extra complicated. After a short break in the work becomes difficult to remember all the intricate details of implementation especially concerned binary formats like CDR. Even simple features cannot be quickly added and this work rather looks like a hack than conventional programming.

The same situation in sK1 application. sK1 code is really old, almost 12 years old. The application went 3 times through a widgetset changing. So internal structure looks like a heap of workarounds and different hacks (actually the same is in Inkscape project). There is no way for further successful development without a major project refactoring.

Therefore we have decided to froze sK1 0.9.x and UniConvertor 1.1.x branches and start global project refactoring as sK1 1.x and UniConvertor 2.x versions.

Perhaps we will release sK1 0.9.1 and UniConvertor 1.1.6 as a bugfix versions with minor improvements. But serious changes will be in new versions only. Summer is a nice season for the work kick-off. I hope that after 1-2 months we will announce the refactoring results.

Your question was really great. I will post this thread summary as a project news to notify our users about project plans.

Igor Novikov
sK1 Project
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Posted on 25-07-2010 11:32

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Thanks for the answer, it's good to know that you are aware of the situation and already have plans to overcome this problem. I think that the linux community really need this feature implemented, since we have a lot of files/projects made on Corel, and without the text support we can't make the transition toward the open source applications, like Inkscape or SK1.

Once again, thanks for your answer, and keep up the good work!
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