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Scripted, command-line drawing example for Skencil 1.0alpha - on [Skencil-users]
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Posted on 26-12-2010 02:05

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Hi all,

I just thought I'd repost this here (as this project is involved with revitalisation of Skencil):

[Skencil-users] Scripted, command-line drawing example for Skencil 1.0alpha:

which is an 'announcement' for the 'command-line drawing example' being posted here:

Beyond mentioning this, I otherwise see no point in reposting that link in its entirety here... I just wanted to say thanks for revitalising Skencil 1.0alpha - it really did me well, especially with this command line use Smile


EDIT Just posted a more proper example script:

which generates the following diagram:

... in ps format:
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