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Cannot convert any format of graphic.
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Posted on 24-06-2011 18:53

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Hi, I'm new to this software and think it is a perfect solution for my needs. I sell laser marking systems and need a way to convert my customers various graphic formats to PLT. I have installed the software, restarted my system but cannot get any file format (CDT, CDR, EPS or CGM) to convert.

Please tell me if my actions are correct... I choose a file submitted by a customer, double click on it. UniConverter 1.1.5 opens and I choose the desired format and click "Convert". I get a "UniConverter initialized" message and then after a few seconds I get a "An error occurred: unrocognised file type" message.

Regardless of the source file type or conversion selected, I get the same message. Did I miss something in the install? Do I need some kind of reference library? Am I using the correct procedure to initialize the conversion?

Any help is appreciated.
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Posted on 25-06-2011 08:04

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Hi, Cory949
More likely that files an unsupported version of the format.
Please attach to post a sample file.

Maxim Barabash
sK1 Project
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Posted on 19-07-2011 00:40

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Sorry to take so long with the reply. Here is one .cdr
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Posted on 19-07-2011 00:42

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And here is an .eps.

Very interested if these are unsupported or if I need to tweek my settings. Thank you.
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