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Running and using UniConvertor
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Posted on 28-10-2009 13:30

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Dear Igor,

I am a totally beginner in linux.
I would like to run it by the run command but it didn't work.
I downloaded from the webpage and installed it.

Could you write me some manual for the UniConvertor usage for example the commands if you have any.

Thanks so much!

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Posted on 28-10-2009 21:06
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Hi David!

UniConvertor is a command-line tool. So to use it you need using console. Like other similar tools UniConvertor contains build-in help. Just open terminal and run following command:

uniconv --help

UniConvertor usage is ultimately simple. For example:

uniconv file_name.cdr other_name.svg

This command converts CorelDRAW format file into Scalable Vector Graphics format.


Igor Novikov
sK1 Project
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