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Support bitmap inclusion for wmf
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Posted on 01-12-2009 10:11

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As discussed on I have a problem, that when I convert a svg which contains a bitmap to wmf, the bitmap content is lost.

It would be great if this thing could get solved. I would be willing to help. However, I had a fast look at and fear that I don't understand what needs to be done where. I would need somebody explaining me in detail what has to be done. However, explaining me how to do it could perhaps take as much time as implementing it...
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Posted on 03-12-2009 21:11
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Actually this issue is not so simple as on first look. For pymfvu functionality implemention the WMF importer should be completely rewritten. So this will be not a fast hack. But if you have according skills and free time you can join to our team to resolve this issue Smile

Igor Novikov
sK1 Project
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