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Package for ubuntu 9.04
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Posted on 12-05-2009 00:15

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Hi Igor (and everyone else)

I would very much like a package for ubuntu 9.04.

There might be one somewhere, but I can't seem to find one on this site or elsewhere.

I am aware that a package for an older ubuntu distro exists, but I'm also aware that mixing packages across distro's can result in unpredictable consequences.

I notice also that the tarballed source can install on ubuntu 9.04.
But again, installing from source on ubuntu can invite trouble.

I can offer another suggestion - but I'm relatively unschooled in the way of software development and packaging, so bear with me if my suggestion is based on foolish or incorrect assumptions:
Perhaps the build scripts that come with the source could offer an option to create a binary or a binary and dependency tree that could be put somewhere like /opt or /home/user/opt.
This way, a user wouldn't have to be afraid of interfering with the way his package management system manages his filesystem.

Thank you.
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Posted on 20-05-2009 20:15

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I've made packages for Jaunty and Intrepid:
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