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bullet Season's Greetings! January 01 2019 00:50:05printer
bullet Project DevOps achievements December 19 2018 00:47:15printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC4 snapshot #20181109 November 09 2018 08:49:02printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC4 snapshot #20181101 November 02 2018 11:35:50printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC4 snapshot #20181023 October 23 2018 08:37:11printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC4 snapshot #20180719 July 19 2018 12:38:41printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC4 snapshot #20180629 June 29 2018 00:20:32printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC4 snapshot #20180612 June 11 2018 23:17:36printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC4 snapshot #20180529 May 29 2018 02:15:18printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC4 snapshot #20180511 May 11 2018 08:23:49printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC3 binaries April 13 2018 05:54:59printer
bullet python-lcms2 extension February 21 2017 10:59:21printer
bullet Happy New Year! December 31 2016 19:10:02printer
bullet Season's Greetings 2017 December 24 2016 23:03:34printer
bullet Project blog December 24 2016 20:57:17printer
bullet Russian version for project site December 24 2016 20:30:26printer
bullet Update for sK1 2.0RC2 win binaries October 22 2016 20:39:29printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC2 binaries October 20 2016 01:41:41printer
bullet sK1 2.0RC1 binaries May 06 2016 15:38:29printer
bullet Season's Greetings December 30 2015 16:19:52printer
bullet Migration to GitHub July 28 2015 16:57:06printer
bullet Palette Collection 1.0 June 17 2015 10:27:32printer
bullet sK1 0.9.3 release February 19 2015 17:09:46printer
bullet sK1 0.9.2 packages for Mageia January 29 2015 16:38:54printer
bullet sK1 0.9.2 release December 05 2014 16:36:47printer
bullet Russian page on Facebook February 07 2014 12:23:40printer
bullet Plugin area and plugin management February 07 2014 11:33:36printer
bullet PrintDesign for Linux preview2 download October 09 2013 16:29:03printer
bullet PrintDesign for Windows preview2 download September 20 2013 16:54:58printer
bullet Scrolled Tab Panel September 18 2013 09:12:19printer
bullet Context Panel and context menu September 16 2013 09:32:34printer
bullet About dialog and rendering optimization August 28 2013 17:55:08printer
bullet PrintDesign for MacOS X preview download August 18 2013 14:57:23printer
bullet PrintDesign for Linux preview download August 18 2013 08:37:07printer
bullet PrintDesign for Windows preview download August 16 2013 18:12:55printer
bullet PrintDesign on Win7 August 16 2013 17:04:44printer
bullet Statusbar for wx-branch is completed August 13 2013 17:47:25printer
bullet New rulers and other stuff August 01 2013 13:31:10printer
bullet How to compile PrintDesign and UniConvertor July 23 2013 10:13:13printer
bullet PrintDesign is ported on wxWidgets July 22 2013 15:37:24printer
bullet WMF file format importer May 01 2013 15:14:13printer
bullet sK1 file format model May 01 2013 15:12:20printer
bullet Preferences dialog April 23 2013 15:53:45printer
bullet Snapping to guides and related stuff April 22 2013 16:24:06printer
bullet Snapping to objects and Snapping Plugin April 20 2013 11:20:09printer
bullet Snapping to grid and page April 19 2013 16:23:39printer
bullet PathsCreator tool April 04 2013 13:59:35printer
bullet Polyline tool March 15 2013 20:07:17printer
bullet Desktop layers March 14 2013 10:04:06printer
bullet Improvments in Object browser March 13 2013 14:47:49printer
bullet Plugin infrastructure March 12 2013 12:25:43printer
bullet Combine/Break Apart plugin March 07 2013 08:09:38printer
bullet Keyboard processor March 07 2013 07:46:54printer
bullet Context panel March 06 2013 14:18:54printer
bullet Color Monitor widget March 04 2013 11:13:07printer
bullet Pager widget March 01 2013 14:41:48printer
bullet Page management is ready February 28 2013 16:16:51printer
bullet Alternative keyboard shortcuts February 28 2013 10:28:38printer
bullet Page management in PrintDesign February 26 2013 16:35:39printer
bullet Ready for public development! February 25 2013 12:58:14printer
bullet sK1 Project development in real time. February 24 2013 13:37:19printer
bullet sK1 Project Reloaded October 30 2011 23:43:35printer
bullet sK1 packages for Ubuntu 11.04 August 05 2011 08:47:31printer
bullet sK1 0.9.1 prerelease2 (codename "Made in Brazil") November 10 2010 04:03:16printer
bullet Skencil 1.0alpha: project revitalization October 31 2010 17:33:35printer
bullet We start using Google Code issue tracker July 14 2010 06:57:31printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.1.5 release June 26 2010 18:16:44printer
bullet LGM2010 & sK1 Project June 07 2010 15:35:58printer
bullet sK1 packages for LinuxMint February 21 2010 23:40:43printer
bullet sK1 0.9.1pre rev.905 snapshot packages February 20 2010 17:06:39printer
bullet tkXcursor 1.0 August 08 2009 06:39:32printer
bullet Throphees du Libre 2009 video August 04 2009 21:53:18printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.1.4 (Soissons release) June 05 2009 09:30:17printer
bullet Additional sK1 0.9.1pre packages May 26 2009 18:59:29printer
bullet sK1 0.9.1pre rev.730 package for Ubuntu 64bit. May 19 2009 09:16:32printer
bullet sK1 v0.9.1 prerelease snapshot rev.730 May 17 2009 16:12:42printer
bullet sK1 v0.9.0 release May 09 2009 08:30:43printer
bullet LGM2009: go ahead! May 04 2009 21:00:00printer
bullet Trophees du Libre 2009: the finalists have been selected. April 23 2009 21:00:00printer
bullet sK1 Project will be part of LGM2009 April 07 2009 21:00:00printer
bullet Trophees du Libre 2009 February 11 2009 22:00:00printer
bullet Hackontest final results September 29 2008 21:00:00printer
bullet sK1 on Hackontest September 24 2008 21:00:00printer
bullet Hackontest selection results July 31 2008 21:00:00printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.1.3 release July 24 2008 21:00:00printer
bullet Hackontest June 11 2008 21:00:00printer
bullet Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 May 14 2008 21:00:00printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.1.2 release March 23 2008 22:00:00printer
bullet sK1 0.9.0 rev.335 package for Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 February 23 2008 22:00:00printer
bullet sK1 0.9.0 rev.335 snapshot package for OpenSuse 10.3 February 16 2008 22:00:00printer
bullet sK1 0.9.0 rev.335 snapshot packages. February 11 2008 22:00:00printer
bullet sK1 0.9.0 rev.326 snapshot package for Ubuntu. February 06 2008 22:00:00printer
bullet sK1 0.9.0 rev.324 snapshot packages. February 03 2008 22:00:00printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.1.1 release. January 31 2008 22:00:00printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.1.0 release December 20 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.14 version of pymfvu. December 16 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet Report on WMF support December 13 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.13 version of pymfvu. December 09 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet Throphees du Libre 2007 December 01 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.12 version of pymfvu. November 29 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.11 version of pymfvu. November 24 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.10 version of pymfvu. November 19 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.0.0 release November 14 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.9 version of pymfvu. October 31 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.8 version of pymfvu. October 21 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet sK1 preview-2 is announced. October 07 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.7 version of pymfvu. October 03 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.0RC2 released. September 24 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.6 version of pymfvu. September 23 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.5 version of pymfvu. September 16 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet 0.0.4 version of pymfvu. September 11 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet The first public version of pymfvu. September 04 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet UniConvertor 1.0RC1 released. August 16 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet UniConvertor - our importers sharing for other projects. June 16 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet Universal CDR importer is ready. April 28 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet CDR/CMX Explorer: a good beginning is half the battle. April 15 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet CDR parser subproject is added to SVN. April 01 2007 21:00:00printer
bullet Cairofication: one month hence. January 24 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet CDR import: to be or not to be? :) January 09 2007 22:00:00printer
bullet Join forces for skencil1/sK1? November 24 2006 22:00:00printer
bullet Cairofication. November 04 2006 22:00:00printer
bullet Tabs like in Firefox. October 30 2006 22:00:00printer
bullet CMYK support September 02 2006 21:00:00printer
bullet TkZinc: crash fixed but porting is stopped August 15 2006 21:00:00printer
bullet TkZinc: OpenGL based vector graphics August 07 2006 21:00:00printer
bullet Color Management August 03 2006 21:00:00printer
bullet Patch for preview is ready July 10 2006 21:00:00printer
bullet Project site is refreshed July 09 2006 21:00:00printer
bullet sK1 preview tarball is deployed July 03 2006 21:00:00printer
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bullet Uniconvertor failed for .ai and .cdr file on ubuntu [Posts: 1] printer
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bullet inkscape patch fails on Win 7 [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Fail to save as wmf [Posts: 2] printer
bullet UniConvertor failed (randomly) in inkscape, cant close dialog [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Cannot open .cdr file correctly [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Output to PDF - not converting whole image [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Problem on Ubuntu Natty with python-skencil-1.0alpha-rev784_0ubuntu1_10.10_i386.deb [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Corel Draw X3 File Format [Posts: 3] printer
bullet How to uninstall sk1libs, uniconvertor and uniconvw in Mac [Posts: 3] printer
bullet printdesign [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Uninconv command not found in Linux [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Fails on Ubuntu 12.04 [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Issues with WMF file [Posts: 1] printer
bullet SVG to AI-->Parsing error:at least 2 colours required [Posts: 3] printer
bullet SVGP [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Uniconvertor does not open dxf files in inkscape [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Error opening .PLT files in Inkscape [Posts: 15] printer
bullet ccx [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Can't convert CDR file [Posts: 5] printer
bullet PLT export [Posts: 7] printer
bullet SVG to CGM issues [Posts: 4] printer
bullet Wont run on Debian Squeeze... what have I forgotten? [Posts: 7] printer
bullet Mac OS X 10.6 unable to open .cdr files [Posts: 12] printer
bullet EPS to SVG: Quality issue [Posts: 1] printer
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bullet *.PLT import error [Posts: 1] printer
bullet UniConvertor with Mac os 10.6.6 [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Artistic & Paragraph Text objects in CDR format are not supported in 1.x version [Posts: 3] printer
bullet SVG to CGM issues [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Parsing error with CGM file [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Settings dialog [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Boolean operations on shapes [Posts: 1] printer
bullet New Users sends greets. [Posts: 1] printer
bullet New Users sends greets. [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Problems with pycms on mac [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Messed PDF from my unique SVG [Posts: 4] printer
bullet Some suggestions [Posts: 5] printer
bullet errors running uniconvertor-1.1.5 [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Compilation [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Install on Windows [Posts: 6] printer
bullet Help!! setting up Uniconverotr in Windows XP SP3 [Posts: 2] printer
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bullet Exception in converting my SVG to PDF [Posts: 1] printer
bullet sk1sdk rpm can't find libtcl in Mandriva 2010 [Posts: 1] printer
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bullet SK1 not running on Ubuntu 10.10 [Posts: 3] printer
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bullet Header file not found when try to install sk1libs [Posts: 2] printer
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bullet The bugtracker at Google is a 404 [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Translate to HPGL dies with 'Slim' missing [Posts: 1] printer
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bullet Converting SVG to AI error [Posts: 1] printer
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bullet Converting to PDF with transparent bitmaps (alpha channel) [Posts: 5] printer
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bullet Using UniConvertor fails [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Error if convert SVG to PDF [Posts: 2] printer
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bullet SK1 not showing up in Ubuntu 10.4 [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Lost circle after convert SVG to AI [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Problems Installing UniConvertor in Ubuntu 10.04 [Posts: 3] printer
bullet parsing error [Posts: 1] printer
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bullet building uniconverter fails on OSX [Posts: 4] printer
bullet layers and canvas navigation [Posts: 1] printer
bullet translate [Posts: 10] printer
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bullet .cdr exported as pdf shows half of content [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Roadmap for 1.1.5 [Posts: 3] printer
bullet How install SK1 on MacOS 10.6 Snow [Posts: 3] printer
bullet import/open cdr 12 missing text object [Posts: 2] printer
bullet SK1 startup error (on Ubuntu 10.04) [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Uniconverter fails to convert certain cdr files [Posts: 4] printer
bullet sk1libs.pycms.createRGBProfile() renamed to cmsCreateRGBProfile() [Posts: 2] printer
bullet inkscape-patch.vbs and uniconvw.vbs blocked by Global Panda 2010 [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Error no 13 [Posts: 2] printer
bullet byte-compiling error [Posts: 4] printer
bullet Support for newer version of CGM files [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Windows [Posts: 6] printer
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bullet Import drops effects and text [Posts: 1] printer
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bullet some bug report [Posts: 2] printer
bullet some bugs report.... [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Segfault on Slackware64-13.0 [Posts: 1] printer
bullet sk1 failed install on Ubuntu 8.04 [Posts: 8] printer
bullet How to install sK1 inside PCLinuxOS? [Posts: 3] printer
bullet sK1 fails on startup [Posts: 13] printer
bullet Uniconvertor Failed [Posts: 9] printer
bullet Running and using UniConvertor [Posts: 2] printer
bullet sk1 for Mandriva2009 [Posts: 5] printer
bullet Cannot find Python binding for LittleCMS! (again, sorry) [Posts: 4] printer
bullet separation layers [Posts: 2] printer
bullet figures and colors disappears [Posts: 9] printer
bullet install instructions for latest version [Posts: 2] printer
bullet i18n [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Printer Problems [Posts: 4] printer
bullet How to Export as a *.bmp or *.jpeg ? [Posts: 2] printer
bullet converting .cdr [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Drop usage of external iconv tool [Posts: 4] printer
bullet uniconv - deprecated popen2 [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Fail to convert ps to svg [Posts: 3] printer
bullet Bug in [Posts: 2] printer
bullet Uniconvertor, CSS, presentation attributes, Slim? [Posts: 2] printer
bullet roadmap [Posts: 4] printer
bullet problems importing png or gif [Posts: 5] printer
bullet Export as cdr... [Posts: 6] printer
bullet Congrats [Posts: 8] printer
bullet Installing UniConvertor on Linux [Posts: 4] printer
bullet vsdviewer [Posts: 1] printer
bullet deb error on ubuntu 9.04 [Posts: 17] printer
bullet Contour Effect [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Selectable Guidelines [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Outline [Posts: 1] printer
bullet Fail to install in CentOS5? [Posts: 4] printer
bullet building for Windows failed [Posts: 3] printer
bullet uniconv crashes, Windows and Linux [Posts: 2] printer
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