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WMF format parser (pymfvu)

pymfvu is a small research project. This project was started to prepare new WMF/EMF filter for sK1 and Uniconvertor. The pymfvu program can open and render both Windows Metafile and Enchanced Metafile files.

New generation of the WMF/EMF filter for Uniconvertor will be made on the base of this program.


  • opens files listed as command-line arguments or from menu
  • play files 'step-by-step'
  • toggle hexdump of the current Metafile record
  • toggle transparency of filled parts
  • show list of records in separate window
  • save as SVG
  • pygtk
  • pycairo
  • pangocairo
  • pyemf (included in the source tarball)
  • pywmf (included in the source tarball)


Fig.1 'Toggle transparency'

Fig.2 'Hexdump of the metafile record #630'

How to download pymfvu source code

pymfvu can be used as a standalone viewer for WMF and EMF files. The project source code can be downloaded using following command:

svn co pymfvu

SourceForge project SVN page

Also you can use SVN snapshot tarball: