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macOS version of UniConvertor 2.0

Posted by igor | Posted in Development | Posted on 29-07-2019

We proud announcing UniConvertor 2.0 (UC2) native application for macOS.

The porting was not a simple issue because we compiled UC2 as a standalone bundle without dependencies on Homebrew/MacPorts. It was a build of ~30 native libraries with a lot of macOS specific patches. As a result we have classic DMG image suitable for macOS 10.9 Mavericks and newer macOS versions.

FYI we built the image on Ubuntu 16.04 using Linux tools only. Almost all the libraries are used for sK1 so there is no problem to prepare sK1 version for macOS.

DMG image can be fetched here and will be updated daily like other installation packages.


Second quarter summary

Posted by igor | Posted in Development | Posted on 25-07-2019

Despite vacation season we have complited following items:

  • Bulk (wildcard) operations for UniConvertor

  • UniConvertor configuring and integrity check

  • Unicode in console fix for Windows

  • CMX and CCX (16bit) import/export

  • XAR import

  • SVGZ import/export

  • DST import/export (embroidery)

  • UniConvertor packages for Centos/RHEL

  • sK1 and UniConvertor packages for MX Linux,
    Ubuntu 19.04 and Fedora 30

  • sk1-wx repository is splitted on several subprojects

  • sK1 ruler fixes

The next item will be an UniConvertor port on macOS.

sK1 packages can be fetched here. UniConvertor packages are on following link.


sK1 and Uniconvertor 2.0RC4 binaries

Posted by igor | Posted in Release | Posted on 27-05-2019

We continue improving import/export filters. Since last RC3 the support for CGM, XAR, CMX, CCX has been added. Also we create unique feature: export to CMX and CDR file format. CDR and AI file formats will be our primary focus for RC5 milestone.

Packages can be fetched here.


First quarter development results

Posted by igor | Posted in Development | Posted on 10-04-2019

Since year start we have completed Computer Graphics Metafile support implementation (import/export), fixed a lot of issues in SVG and PLT filters, added command line options feature for UniConvertor, polyline fixed angle drawing mode in sK1.

Current development milestones are XAR (Xara Designer) and CMX (Corel Presentation Exchange) file formats.

Packages can be fetched here.


Season's Greetings!

Posted by igor | Posted in Events | Posted on 01-01-2019

Best wishes in New 2019 Year!

We have fixed Ubuntu 18.10 package dependencies, some bugs in drawing tools and updated pt_BR, RU and UK locales. Have a fun!