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sK1 v0.9.0 release

Posted by igor | Posted in Release | Posted on 09-05-2009

sK1 v0.9.0 is released. It's a first public release. This event will be announced today on Libre Graphics Meeting 2009.

sK1 contains minimal functionality required for regular work. We will appreciate if you will try this release version and let us know the results.
#1 | Boo on May 11 2009 10:27:35
???????, ??????????, ??????????? ?? ?????? ??? MacOSX?
#2 | pvmstg on May 11 2009 14:40:55
Congadulation to... hope to see your presentation on river-valley today...

Can't understand what's Boo said but... I think, like myself... hope for osX release soon since no mention on the roadmap..

Oups, I hope you had a good stay in Montreal.Wink
#3 | SnaiL on May 11 2009 15:52:12

Boo asked if authors are planning to create a Mac OS X build/package.

I guess that the best way to release it for Mac OS X is to integrate it into Mac Ports.
#4 | pvmstg on May 11 2009 16:58:29
For us dmg is simplier but, for checking python install and other dependancy, a pkg should be the best way...
#5 | SnaiL on May 11 2009 21:04:09
Well, you probably need at least some kind of auto-update functionality as long as you distribute your package to end-users who are not familiar with building from sources. Otherwise, I don't see the way of updating their installation. Simple DMG won't work because you have so many dependencies... Believe me, Mac users will never go and check for updates for every product, download and install them. Need I say they won't spend a second to get dependencies. So you basically need installer that checks dependencies and installs missins onces plus auto-update.

Personally I would prefer mac ports where I can build it, update etc. myself. But this seems to be more like a developer solution.

Hope my thought are somehow helpful (Oh yes, I would love to make world better just don't know how yet :-)).
#6 | pvmstg on May 12 2009 00:01:48
Yes Snail, for developper maybe mac port but, for end user, like me, even if I have some knolege, a pakaging with auto updater should be the way... mac user love mac for the simplicity so... not many whant to do some.... maintenance... plug and play....
Since they do not seem to have mac, I hope a guy who can built from source will help to make such install...Cool
#7 | igor on May 12 2009 09:19:52
Hi all!

Thank you for notices concerning news. Sorry my native language is Russian so we appreciate any notices about this issue Smile

We are going to port sK1 as on win32 platform and on macosx. But this issue depends on main canvas reimplementation. So this issue will be discussed later. At least for win32 we plan creating installer like CorelDRAW i.e. this will be a bundle with all required components including python, tcl/tk etc.
#8 | pvmstg on May 12 2009 21:57:35
Hi igor...

It's already very appreciated to have the forum in English. We are all of differents languages, as for me, french.

I have seen the presentation of inskape who use uniconvertor. I hope it's a two ways exchange of code to help each and other. I'm impress about the way inskape is going... But, I like what I see for sk1. Still starving to test it on my mac... hope, before the fall...Smile
#9 | pvmstg on May 14 2009 12:55:54
By the way, I hope you will have some moment to give your impressions about LGM and if it will help sk1 development and path.

For future, when sk1 will be finish, I, for one, like to see bitmap integration like in canvas or xara. What I see from inskape for vecto and vips for bitmaps.... leave place to go far far....

Still checking to see your presentation... at river valley tv... Wink
#10 | pluisr on May 16 2009 19:56:06
Hi all,

Spanish is my native language Smile. Congratulations for this release!
Have any date for the win32 version?
#11 | igor on May 16 2009 20:08:53
We cannot say exact date but win32 port is scheduled on 0.9.4 version. But it would be great if you wish joining to our project and translate sK1 interface on Spanish Smile
#12 | pvmstg on May 17 2009 12:37:06
Hi Igor, I hope you had a good return trip from my homeland...

See finaly your presentation. Hope, behind this short intro, you had make some contacts who can help development. The audience seem to be little cold about sk1... Smile

You haven't tell for osX if it will be before or after win version.
#13 | igor on May 17 2009 17:55:08
Thank you Smile We successfully returned to home. Of course transatlantic flight is toilsome but there is no another way to trip to Canada Smile

Concerning audience such reaction was on all presentations. Although we presented sK1 release this was not a surprise because community was waiting for release during this year. Other projects also haven't out of the ordinary news. Unfortunately the major background theme of the conference was "How to find money for development".

Concerning MacOS X I can say only that this release will be after win32 port because both ports depends on canvas reimplementation. But for MacOS X there is another problem. On this moment we have no Apple hardware for such development and this issue will be resolved after win32 port only.
#14 | pluisr on May 21 2009 20:43:33
#11 | igor on May 16 2009 20:08:53
..But it would be great if you wish joining to our project and translate sK1 interface on Spanish Smile

Sure, I could do it, at low pace though, since I am working on another projects that demand most of my time.
Please Let me know where do I begin. pluisr at Smile
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