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sK1 Project Palette Collection (rev.1.0)

We have collected and processed the palettes that, as we think, may be useful for graphics design. Our primary goal was to provide sK1 users with a good set of swatches like other graphics software. But sK1 application got a lot of filters for different palette file formats. Therefore we prepared this collection available for wide range of graphics applications as open source and commercial: sK1, Inkscape, GIMP, Scribus, Karbon, Calligra, LibreOffice, CorelDRAW, Corel PhotoPaint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Xara Designer, Xara Web Designer etc.

All the palette files are released into the Public Domain. So you may use them even for unlimited commercial use.

Android ICS colors

Android icon colors

Bluecurve icon colors

CSS3 named colors

Color names supported by all browsers (sorted)

Color names supported by all browsers

Echo Icon Theme Palette

Eclipse icon 256 Color Palette

Eclipse icon 8-color palette

Fedora color palette

Flat UI colors

Google Material design palette

Grayscale palette

Lible Colors

LibreOffice branding colors

MS Office 2013 gray colors

MS Office 2013 primary colors

MS Office 2013 text colors

Mageia colors

Matplotlib named colors

Oxygen colors

SVG named colors (sorted)

SVG named colors

Tango icon palette

Tk named colors

Tk unique named colors

Ubuntu color tints

Ubuntu colors

Web Safe Colors

Windows 10 colors

Windows 10 personalizing colors

Windows 8 colors

Windows Phone 7 colors

Windows Phone 7.5 colors

Windows Phone 8 colors

Windows XP basic colors

Windows XP icon colors

X11 named colors

iOS 7 colors

openSUSE colors

wxPython named colors