Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Text in Postscript

Posted by macbetho on 16-04-2010 01:35


First of all congratulations on a great project.
I am an old fan of Skencil and it is a pity that it
is no longer developed; Sk1 seems like a great (and more than)

When Skencil exported to postscript it saved text as text.
sK1 seems to actually draw the letters (am I right?)

Anyway although this is a minor difference, it is important
when using the psfrag package in latex (http://en.wikiped...iki/PSfrag)

I used to combine skencil and psfrag and I am not able to do this with sK1.
It would be nice to have the option to save text as text when
exporting to eps (or perhaps it is possible and I am missing something)


Posted by igor on 16-04-2010 09:48


sK1 font system is fully rewritten and highly different from Skencil font routines. We have used ttf/otf font vs PS1 like in Skencil. So storing text as a real text in PS|PDF formats requires ttf/otf converting on the fly. Also Skencil supports latin-1 encoding only whereas sK1 uses raw Unicode. This feature is also not trivial for PS|PDF formats. Therefore on current development stage we export text into PS|PDF as Bezier curves.

The primary application task is a correct printing output but not reusable PS|PDF files. Of course in future we will provide advanced text support. But this feature requires special release.

Posted by macbetho on 17-04-2010 06:07

Thus, It seems it might take a while until a sk1 release
comes out with support for true text in eps.

I was thinking of porting say the sketchlatex plugin to sk1.
I have no prior experience with the plugin system
of sk1 (or even skencil). So I when ahead and looked
at the plugins that come with sk1.

There is the regular polygon plugin that used to come with
skencil in the sk1 installation but it I cant find it while using sk1.

Also there is a fairly good documentation for writing plugins
in skencil. How much of this docs can be used for writing
sk1 plugins?