Thread subject: sK1 Project :: text alignment svg -> wmf

Posted by svenn on 26-04-2010 17:25

I notice that text having text-anchor set to "end" have this property removed in svg and wmf output.
input svg from a self-made tk canvas export:
<text x="100" y="68.71000000000001" text-anchor="end">6871</text>
output from uniconvertor:
<text style="stroke:none; fill:#000000; font-family:AndaleMono; font-size:12" transform="matrix(0.8 0 0 0.8 80 54.968)">
</text >
I have not read myself up on matrix() so I don't know if that's the magic, but if I convert my initial.svg to initial.sk1 and open in sk1, then save-as final.wmf, the text alignment in the wmf is correct.
If I do
uniconv initial.svg initial.sk1
uniconv initial.sk1 final.svg
uniconv final.svg final.wmf
the text supposed to be right-aligned is left-aligned (i.e. not respecting text-anchor=end)
(I can see this with svgdisplay final.svg)

Seems I have to use save-as from inside sk1 to get things right
I use sk1 from opensuse 11.2 rpm and
uniconv and sk1lib from svn/trunk (both compiled to /usr/local)

Any idea?

Posted by igor on 28-04-2010 22:11


It seems the problem cause is incomplete SVG exporter. I will try fixing this issue in nearest days.