Thread subject: sK1 Project :: How install SK1 on MacOS 10.6 Snow

Posted by Grzegorz on 29-04-2010 16:00

Maby someone try?


Posted by igor on 29-04-2010 16:59


Actually you can try compiling sK1 for MacOS X using X11 port. But this will be just a port but not a native application.

We have ordered Apple hardware to start porting and I hope we will provide native MacOS X bundle according to sK1 Roadmap.

Posted by freehand-thom on 24-07-2010 15:55

I am also interested, have no other possibility for trying it out. I have no linux based system running. If there is something that works in X11, that would be great. But have no idea how to compile for x11. Where do I get started?