Thread subject: sK1 Project :: No Clue

Posted by DJMic on 24-05-2010 19:16

I'm new to mac / apple from PC trying really hard not to go back!
I'm used CorelDraw daily for my sign shop and found SK1
I currently have a MacBook Pro I have "boot-camped" my system but I'm trying to avoid going back.
I do not understand how to install or use sK1 or even install it for that matter I have checked out the readme files do I first have to install Fedora or something I tried using inkscape and importing a cdr file but then it gave me an error and pointed me here.

any help or directions to better tutorials would be appreciated.

Posted by igor on 25-05-2010 12:44


sK1 version for Mac is under development. So you need using Linux version. To install sK1 just download packages for your system and install they. In many systems you can installing packages by double click (if you don't know console commands). And after that run sk1 command in console.

Posted by DJMic on 28-05-2010 21:21

Yes thank you I have SK1 installed but i'm trying to install the UniConvertor so I can import cdr corel draw files. Can you help me understand how to install UniConverter I tried to double click and it gives me an error.

and this one...