Thread subject: sK1 Project :: CDR Circles missing

Posted by jlpatte2 on 03-06-2010 14:24

i have included an example CDR which has 2 circles in it, one for the crossed out circle. The other is a circle for the head of the person. After converting to SVG,PDF or WMF these circles are all missing.

I have also seen other examples in the past through inkscape where imported cdr files loose some circles.


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Posted by igor on 03-06-2010 23:34

Hi Josh!

Thank you for reported issue.

We know this problem and this issue will be fixed in next sK1 Project iteration. Now we have prepared UniConvertor release and sK1 prerelease. After sK1 release we will start next iteration.

Posted by igor on 17-06-2010 20:15

Update: This issue has been fixed in trunk version. We have added support for:

Rounded Rectangle
Ellipse Segment
Ellipse Chord

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