Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Uninstall Uniconvertor 1.1.4 on Windows XP

Posted by capnhud on 30-06-2010 08:40

When I try to run RemoveUniConvertor.exe I get the error that this is normally started with windows. Can Ijust delete everything that the install.log shows was installed?

Posted by igor on 30-06-2010 16:05


Try removing 1.1.4 version using Windows Control Panel. If this will fail just remove /uniconvertor folder into %Python%/Lib/site-packages/

Posted by capnhud on 30-06-2010 21:09

Just wanted to make sure. Thank you for the help.

Posted by wheeqo on 21-09-2010 01:45

If I uninstall uniconverter, how do I change back the default export tool in Inkscape?

Posted by igor on 26-09-2010 11:30

The simplest way is reinstalling Inkscape. Also you can look at patch script to find which files are changed. The script just renames two Inkscape files and copies own files at the same folder. So you can delete these files and restore original copies.