Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Uniconverter fails to convert certain cdr files

Posted by wschulz on 13-07-2010 18:18

Uniconverter 1.1.5 fails to convert the attached CDR file with the message
"Unrecognised file type"
Any idea why?

Posted by igor on 13-07-2010 18:35


Your CDR file is a very ancient. It's a CDR5 format. The minimal supported version is CDR7. Therefore UniConvertor doesn't recognize the file type.

Posted by wschulz on 13-07-2010 20:36

Thanks for the fast reply. I thought it is a CDR version 9 format. Do you plan to extent the format in a future version to CDR5?

Posted by igor on 14-07-2010 06:26

Hi Wolfgang!

I have added your request to our issue tracker: