Thread subject: sK1 Project :: .cdr exported as pdf shows half of content

Posted by rhand_sk1 on 27-07-2010 09:28

I imported a .cdr file into Sk1 which worked very well and I was able to check/see the cdr image (a scan). The scan showed the image with a big white margin to the left. When I exported it as a pdf the pdf only showed half of the image + thick left margin. How can I rearrange the imported .cdr so the image is shown and the odd left emptiness is removed?
FYI I used the sK1-0.9.1pre-rev905_0ubuntu1_9.10_i386 on Ubuntu 10.04

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Posted by rhand_sk1 on 27-07-2010 10:14

Never mind. Installed the unicolor package + library and now I can open it from Inkscape and it is imported just fine ;)

Posted by igor on 31-07-2010 14:39


Actually we have improved built-in image importing since rev.905 (current revision is 1323) So in sK1 release version the images should look better.