Thread subject: sK1 Project :: pygtk2 dependency problem

Posted by phobophil on 30-07-2010 10:42


I can not install uniconvw-1.1.5-1.suse112.x86_64.rpm because of my python-gtk installation. The error message says "pygtk2 is needed by univonvw-1.2.5-1.noarch". I do not have this pygtk2 module and I dont know where I can get it. I have only "python-gtk 2.16.0-2.3". Is it the same? I would appreciate it if you can help me.

Thanx phobophil

Posted by igor on 31-07-2010 15:59


Thank you for reported issue. It's a bug in dependencies. Of course should be python-gtk for OpenSuse.