Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Corel Draw X3 File Format

Posted by sekelsenmat on 17-08-2010 11:51


Are there any reverse engineered docs for the CDR X3 file format? I found a very simple doc in uniconvertor\formats\CDR\docs but that didn't help me at all beyond what I had already learned using CDR Explorer.

In particular, I would like to know the following things:

1> The RIFF.cmpr part of the document uses compression. Which compression algorithm is used?

2> How come the element RIFF.cmpr.doc overlap the other parts of the document by having Header offset 0 ? Is RIFF.cmpr.doc the same thing as RIFF.DISP?

3> Where are the lines put? For example in a file containing some lines ...

4> Why are there two elements RIFF.cmpr ?

5> I have already found the FourCC and the Size of a Chunk, but where is the information about which child elements it contains?


Posted by igor on 17-08-2010 17:39


Unfortunately there is no CDR format specification. All required info you can get from CDR Explorer.

Posted by sekelsenmat on 17-08-2010 19:03

Hello, well, could you point to me where are the answers to my 5 questions in CDR Explorer? Because I really couldn't find that information there. thanks,