Thread subject: sK1 Project :: lineweight and linestyle quick select

Posted by carlopav on 04-09-2010 12:36

i really love the color selection bar on the right and it's great you can scroll it with mouse wheel...
it would be nice also if there could be a button or something like a dropdown list for lineweight selection and (maybe) for continuous, dashed and pointed linestyle.
one for opacity or transparency also would be nice.
everything without loosing too much space for the color bar!

Posted by igor on 04-09-2010 13:49


Thank you for suggestion! Perhaps such feature can be implemented as a part of context panel.

Posted by ferpof on 28-07-2011 01:16

I also think that a valuable improvement should be to add another part to such context panel which would allow to select the type of end arrow for lines, this should be usefull in order to make drawings where you intend to indicate the limits.