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near the bottom of the page is this

Side (friendly) projects
UniConvertor. It is an application for conversion of files from one vector format into another one. In fact it is a part of sK1, rewritten as a standalone code and being developed by the same team. UniConvertor is also used by Inkscape for opening CorelDRAW, WMF and Sketch/Skencil files. Within a framework of Google Summer of Code 2008 the support of UniConvertor is being prepared for Scribus.
CDR Explorer. It is a program that simplifies the reverse-engineering of Corel DRAW formats.
pymfvu. It is a program for WMF/EMF files preview and export to SVG. At project development a comprehensive report on WMF support by various open source and closed applications was made. It is discontinued now.
LinCuttor. It is an application for interactive work with cutting plotters (PLT format).

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LinCuttor is a planned interactive application on the base of sK1 source code. We have PLT importer/exporter, so there is no problem to create application like PostCut or Roland CutStudio. Due to rich sK1 importers we could support more formats than these proprietary applications and the same cutting functionality.

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there is 2 out there right now for Linux that are getting very popular. I am not sure how hard it would be to implement them directly in SK1

tux plot - that is stand alone program that we use everyday very good program for higher end cutters - Graphtec - Rolland and it also works for engravers - we did extensive testing with this program and made a cpl of small videos on YouTube - there short but to the point

inkcut is a add on for Inkscape it is better for low end cutters - we tested it and were not too impressed on the high end cutters.

if there is any testing or anything you may need from us let us know we can help out with that as much as we can