Thread subject: sK1 Project :: .xar support?

Posted by bc01 on 14-12-2010 16:46

Are there any plans to convert from and to XaraLx .xar files? While only xara currently uses them there is an open file standard for them and it has been around for a very long time so a lot of people have .xar files that cannot be transferred to another vector art program without buying a propriety windows-only version of xara to do it or completely reconstructing the artwork in something else. Also the open source version of xara would make a good companion to sk1 if the files were interchangeable since they each have features that complement the other.

Posted by igor on 14-12-2010 19:12

XAR format support is scheduled on UniConvertor 2.0 /sK1 1.0 versions which are currently under development. Also this task is added into project issue tracker:

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Posted by caleb on 25-01-2011 09:56

I work in xara (windows the version). There is very big problem with export to CMYK TIFF. I use the special utility of converting RGB to CMYK.
Whether probably to make in uniconverter function .xar to cmyk tiff?
? ??????? ? xara (windows ??????). ?????????? ??????????????? ???? ? ????????? ? CMYK TIFF. ? ????????? ?????????? ??????????? ???????? ??????????? RGB ? CMYK.
???????? ?? ??????? ? uniconverter ???????: .xar to cmyk tiff?

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Posted by igor on 25-01-2011 10:22

Yes, it's possible. But this issue will not be special for Xara. We plan adding Cairo renderer to convert vector graphics into raster. This will allow converting any supported format into TIFF.

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