Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Skencil forum and code repository request

Posted by vibin on 01-01-2011 20:06

Where is current code repository for skencil is located? There is no link on the sK1 site (at least I didn't see one) and repositories on the official skencil site points to 0.6 branch...

There is roadmap for current skencil developement somewhere?

There is a chance that code would be put on some more social coding friendly environment like github or bitbucket where is easier for new devs to step in and add some fix, test or feature? Or at least official branch that will be merged back periodically into core one?

BTW - It wold be also nice to put skencil into separate section (like UniConvertor and sK1), and add dedicated forum.

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Posted by prokoudine on 24-01-2011 03:33

See here :)

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Posted by igor on 25-01-2011 10:17

Actually 1.0alpha version is located in official 0.6 branch. So you can use info on official Scencil site to download latest source code: http://www.skenci...devel.html

On our project site we have made separate section for Skencil:

Also there is no problem to create special forum section for the product. But we need user request for this.