Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Some suggestions

Posted by zstekovic on 01-01-2011 20:56

- switch to the Tcl on GTK +
- enable drag and drop multiple files from Nautilus ...
- give up on porting to Windows and OS X (there are enough programs for this purpose, it is better to focus on the Linux platform)
- add better support for pages in the document (if the object is not on the page, but next to it (the work place) is visible to other pages such as CorelDraw X5)
- PDF file output options for margins, bleed, color conversion, standard PDF/X-3: 2002, PDF/X-3: 2003
- automatic color palette (for vectors) for a particular document.
- plugins are ok, only those commonly used should be incorporated directly into the program (eg. Shaping folder)

btw great job so far :)

Zarko Stekovic

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Posted by alanhorkan on 20-05-2011 03:26

GUI Toolkits are a real pain for developers but make a big difference for users. Most of the time developers want to focus on features and get work done not worry too much about the toolkit.
Some people like KDE, some like GTK, if the developers switched would people be happy? Would people complain that they were not working on features instead?

Maybe without changing toolkit sk1 can do some tricks to integrate cleverly with other toolkits. Has anyone tried TCL GTK?

I might try it myself if I have time.

Posted by Victor on 01-07-2011 16:55

Guys I also suggest you to switch the GTK+ for some next releases like sK2. I know that Igor had spend a lot of time to develop tk based us toolkit. But, application UI seams slow and ugly and also there are some bugs with video cards compatibility. Such as sK1 team is small and there aren't dedicated testing team. I guess that you'd better using more existed and stabile solutions like GTK+ or Cairo to avoid common interface or integration bugs.


Posted by zstekovic on 31-10-2011 00:44

Long time no see...
I'm happy to see that development of sK1 have been restarted in form of PrintDesign. :D
Just a suggestion... program icons can be a little better, if you want I can offer help from my friends (designer, and really good one) and myself...
I am not a programmer, but I want to help as I can.

Posted by igor on 31-10-2011 01:19

Any suggestions are welcome! :)