Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Some suggestions...

Posted by imet on 20-05-2009 16:03


some feature requests:
(First off I'm no programmer so I don't know how difficult it would be)

--Can you make selecting an unfilled object the same as if it is filled, I find it annoying to move an object by accurately pointing to it's edges, even actually selecting an unfilled object is kind of tricky. ( EDIT: I have been informed that AI, does the same thing. )

--I haven't played much with plugin browser, but one thing I noticed with Shaping, it requires too many mouse clicks. I meant, after I click on Shaping tree I had to double click the actual name (e.g. Union, double click sometimes not responsive) and then click apply to actually see the result.
Maybe I'm just comparing it too much with Illustrator, but I think it would be better to group the shaping tools into one panel and have little icons that's also a button with tooltips instead of one big icon every shaping tool.

***request support for plotter/cutters ;)

that's it for now.

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Posted by kmrs75 on 21-03-2010 23:08

there is support for a cutter in linux - we use it everyday

it works great

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Posted by warnerbob18 on 05-03-2012 06:23

Thanks for sharing nice information the work is appreciated.
That is great idea to group all shaping tools into one panel having little buttons and tooltips to make work easier.