Thread subject: sK1 Project :: sk1 to ai: maximum recursion depth exceeded

Posted by wilfriedh on 20-01-2011 10:07

UniConvertor 1.1.5 on WinXP (SP3+latest patches)

I imported a pdf to Inkscape, exported the drawing as sk1 file then invoked UniConvertor.
UniConvertor successfully converts the sk1 file to svg but

-fails to convert it to ai, message
"An error occurred: maximum recursion depth exceeded"

-fails to convert it to wmf, message
"An error occurred: PolyBezier instance has no attribute 'coord_rect'".

I am aware that export from Inkscape to sk1 does not correctly export multiline text (I already filed a bug report on this to the Inkscape forum) but apart from this -
are the mentioned problems caused by incorrect export from Inkscape or by limitations in UniConvertor?

I reduced the drawing so that I can upload it while it still exhibits the reported problem. The attached zip archive contains the Inkscape svg file and the exported sk1 file.


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Posted by igor on 21-01-2011 09:14


Thank you for reported issue.

I have reviewed initial SVG file and found that it contains built-in bitmaps. Unfortunately there is a problem in parsing bitmap elements in last UniConvertor version. I hope we will resolve this issue in next version.