Thread subject: sK1 Project :: converting multipage .CDR results in a singlepage singlelayer document

Posted by beta-tester on 26-02-2011 04:17


i am using the current official version "uniconvertor-1.1.5-win32.msi" for windows.
when i convert my CorelDraw X3 .CDR file with multiple pages and layer on each page to .SVG-file (or .PDF for test), the result is always a singlepage and singlelayer document.
every layer and every page of the source document is merged to a single layer on a single page.

maybe it is because SVG can not mamage multiple pages in one document (dosn't it?)...
but in that case it will be a good idea to convert a page of a source document to a separate layer in the destination document, so it will be possible to hide and or protect the content of the "old" pages in the destination document separately.

by the way, i converted the source .CDR to .PDF, because i know for sure, that these format is able to handle more than one page... but the result looks like the convertion result of the .SVG... every page and layer of the source document is merged to one single page in the .PDF document.

i think, that must be a bug...:|
or is it a feature request... :|

i will be happy, if that will be fixed in the way of different pages of source to different layers in destination in case of non-possibillity of handle more pages in destination...
or every page of source to different destination files... (maybe let choose the page of source to want to convert to destination)

thanks allot.

my environment:
Windows 7 x64 de_DE
Inkscape 0.48.0-1 x86
(.CDR-files of CorelDRAW X3)

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Posted by BryanG on 04-03-2011 09:52

I am at the office now and can't remember the exact procedure, but, in one of the menus in Inkscape you can Ungroup the pages, then you can move each page from on top of one another. The main issue is that Uniconvertor doesn't yet do Text, that has been mentioned elsewhere and the guys at sk1 Project say that they are working on it.


Posted by beta-tester on 04-03-2011 19:50

hi BryanG...
thanks for your reply.
that CDR document what i wanted to convert to SVG, is a document of 22 page of my job application forms (every certificate i made was adapted by hand as vector graphic), i made to bring it in a pretty small filesize pdf format for getting a new job.
okay, i didn't realize, that the converter is not converting the text from the original document correctly to the destination document - the destination document looks too caotic - to i didn't watch out for the text. ;)

but the other point is, that every thing, every group, every laver and every page of the source CDR document is merged to a single page, single layer and single group! ... it is not possible to separate every shape object and order them to reconstruate the original relation - too much work. it will be easyer to do the hole job application forms document from scratch in Inkscape... but my hope was i didn' have to. :@

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Posted by igor on 05-03-2011 01:03

Hi all!

Actually it's not a bug but just not implemented feature yet. SVG format doesn't support pages, so by default UniConvertor extract all content on the single page replacing layers/pages by group elements.

BTW layers also are not defined in SVG specification, Inkscape uses group as a layer surrogate.

Now UniConvertor 2.0 is under active development and we hope resolving a lot of such problems. Pages will be saved either in separate files or tiled in stand alone file.

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