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Posted by xmanyes on 09-06-2009 12:09

Hello, let me first congratulate on the work done on sK1 & Uniconvertor project! I guess this is handled by few enthusiast who work on this project when they can... and I appreciate & honour the work done so far & thank you for sharing your work and I wish you keep on going!

As a long time CorelDRAW user I am patiently waiting to completly replace it by your product. Lack of good vector programs is the only reason I still must use VirtualBox, for the rest we have OSS.

Here are some of my most urgent issues that would (in my case) really make sK1 more usable and hopefuly we could all benefit from solving them.

1. Pantone:
Now I know there are legal issues with Pantone and that they might never allow to use their "color combinations" to exist on any OSS, but is there some sort of solution to this?
We are screenprinting company and have a library of about 6.000 CDR files and most of them have objects named according to Pantone. When I import such file in sK1 colors are not converted OK (for example an object which was in red PMS 485 is displayed CMYK grey in my case -0,0,0,20).
Is this possible to be solved somehow, maybe with "registration colors" which could then be separately printed as is the case with pantone? If not at least a proper conversion is desired, so the red stays red, but even more usable would be some information what was originaly the color. If this can be done, at al like that...

2. multipage vector import:
in my case it will import everything on first page when I try to import multipage CDR. Is it possible that sK1 "obeys" also page placement in future releases?

3. object conversion to curves & node manipulation:
rectangular & circular shape currently cannot be converted to curve & manipulated - or is just me that cannot find this option?

4. object shaping, at least 3 mostly used: weld, trim, intesect are desired

With these issues solved (and knowing Pantone is almost unsolvable...) this would be much better alternative than InkScape, especially for long time users of CorelDraw.

Thank you & best regards, X

Posted by igor on 11-06-2009 16:41

Thank you for such positive feedback!

xmanyes wrote:
1. Pantone:

Yes it's a most complex issue. But we will try fixing it.

2. multipage vector import:

Will be resolved in next version.

3. object conversion to curves & node manipulation:

Try using Ctrl-Q or according button on context panel.

4. object shaping, at least 3 mostly used: weld, trim, intesect are desired

These operations have been implemented as plugins.

Posted by xmanyes on 15-06-2009 10:45

Thank you, Igor, for your answers,

Sorry for not checking the Ctrl+Q for shapes... I am still baffled how could I miss it from the menu & toolbar...

Regarding the shaping (weld, trim, ...) you say these are plugins? I could barely found them, yes, now I can see them, but only after getting the right side opened by the Effects-> Resize (or other). Wouldn't be easier if this right side "plugin browser" would be opened by default? Or at least that there would be an option to switch on/off Plugin Browser as now I stumbled upon just coincidently?

One observation on shaping: selection order is not obeyed as in CDR, but only "layout" arrangments determine which object is shaped (top object is shaping lower positioned objects without specific selection order). For example when you select first object which is below the second one it will be trimmed the first object. Just a different approach from what I've been using so far, but in complex operations this might mean that you need to arrange the shapes/objects in correct order before you can start "shaping" them, so maybe easier approach (in terms of logic, don't know how this apply to programming) is the one emplyed by CDR (first selected object is origin and second is the object that is shaped through shaping commands).

Anyway, even if the shaping stays as it is, this is becoming really good product.

I wonder why I hear only about Inkscape and not about sK1? I mean I heard of your project Uniconvertor from them and this is how I found sK1. My vote goes to you, definitely and I will also spread my for for sK1 wherever I could.

And if you need Slovenian (SI) translation, I might give you some help if needed.

Best regards, David

Posted by igor on 09-07-2009 22:36

xmanyes wrote:

And if you need Slovenian (SI) translation, I might give you some help if needed.

Best regards, David

Sorry for delay in responding. This would be great! When localization resources will be ready for translation we will contact you.

Posted by xmanyes on 03-03-2010 11:54

Hello Igor,

I am sure you have seen it, but just in case you have missed it... It is solution from Scribus, but maybe it may help also sK1 project as well.

There is solution (although legality would need to be checked) to use Pantone color names & palletes:


Best regards, David

Posted by igor on 03-03-2010 14:04

Hi David!

I'm a programmer but not a lawyer. So I cannot discuss about legality. But spot color support (Pantone is just a special case of spot color palettes) we have implemented ~1 year ago :)

Edited by igor on 03-03-2010 14:08