Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Installing on Mac - can't find GCC-4.2

Posted by jerocks on 23-04-2011 16:39

I'm trying to install uniconvertor on my Mac OS 10.6.7. When I do it fails to install because it says unable to find GCC-4.2. How do I know if/where GCC is installed? Would it already be installed on my Mac (from factory) or do I need to install gcc-4.2.2 myself? I downloaded GCC-4.2.2 but am not sure how to install it either! I don't see the standard python setup file and gcc seems like a huge challenge to install.

I have inkscape installed and am trying to open up Adobe Illustrator files. I think I need the uniconvertor to make this happen.

As you can tell from my questions, I am unfamiliar with this whole process...python files, etc. Any help is much appreciated.