Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Converting SVG to PDF on Windows error

Posted by gctwnl on 25-05-2011 08:06

I am new to uniconvertor and I found it when I was looking for a converter from SVG to PDF which does not turn a verctor representation into a bitmap one. InkScape for instance (on my Mac) produces bitmap when presented with a vector based SVG that I use for testing. Intaglio on Mac does it right.

So, because I could not find a Mac installer, I downloaded and installed the WIndows version and installed it on a WinXP environment under Parallels 6.

I tried to run this on a very simple sample SVG, and that works. But on my own SVG, it fails. I attach a tar with sample SVG and error screen shot and add a second post with just the screen shot for easy reading

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Posted by gctwnl on 25-05-2011 08:08

Screen shot of error

Posted by gctwnl on 25-05-2011 08:09

Hmm, I cannot upload files. Some newbie limit?

The error ends with skexceptions parsing error 'style'

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Posted by igor on 25-05-2011 14:44


Please contact us using following form:


After that you can send the file by email. Perhaps your file is bigger than allowed attachment size for the forum.