Thread subject: sK1 Project :: EPS -> SVG produces offset image

Posted by nhooey on 11-06-2011 18:52

I converted an EPS to an SVG, and in the resulting image, the main thing is offset and cut-off.

When I remove the "height", "width" and "viewbox" attributes in the <svg> tag, the image is improved, but is still cut off.

Why is this happening?

Is there a way to tell uniconverter not to set a height, width, or viewbox, so the SVG image can expand to fill its container?

Here are the files:

Posted by nhooey on 11-06-2011 19:01

I'm using uniconverter 1.1.5.

Posted by nhooey on 01-07-2011 01:23

Igor, can you have a look at the image and determine what's wrong?