Thread subject: sK1 Project :: compilation and installation on centos

Posted by tanguy on 29-06-2011 17:54


I am trying to compile and install sk1 and UniConvertor but I am kind of stuck on the first (I have not even tried the second for the moment).

After many problems with Centos which tends to keep old versions of everything like Python, I managed to compile the RPM. But, when I try to install it with:
rpm -Uvh sk1libs-0.9.1-0.x86_64.rpm
It says:
libfreetype6 is needed by sk1libs-0.9.1-0.x86_64
libjpeg62 is needed by sk1libs-0.9.1-0.x86_64
liblcms is needed by sk1libs-0.9.1-0.x86_64
libz is needed by sk1libs-0.9.1-0.x86_64

But it seems that Centos can't get these libs. I have only access to lcms, libjpeg, zlib, freetype and their devel versions. I don't know how to solve this issue...

Do you have any idea? Has someone already reached to install the last version of UniConvertor on Centos and can give me some tips?

Hope you don't bother with my english which can be better...

Posted by Victor on 01-07-2011 16:01

Hi tanguy,
You can try to setup an additional repository like RPM fusion to get rpms
Anyway I suggest you to setup sk1 manually with python setup script and gcc.

Posted by tanguy on 02-07-2011 16:33

Thank you.

Actually, I compile the RPM with python and gcc and when I try to install the RPM I got this error... This is my problem. Maybe the solution is simple but I am not really good with linux...

Posted by Victor on 28-07-2011 16:19

So does RPM fusion repository helped ? Or you still stuck with that problem?

Posted by tanguy on 31-07-2011 13:43

Sorry, I gave up on this cause it seems impossible for me to install it. The repository didn't help. Can't find the relevant RPMs on Centos.

To sum up, it seems that I'm stuck so long as I don't go to Debian for example. But it will take at least two days to reinstall and reconfigure everything... And I am kind of satisfied by Centos for the moment (except the fact that everything seems to be outdated).

Posted by tanguy on 20-04-2012 19:11

Just want to say I finally switched to Debian and it's working really well. Thank you!!!

Posted by Victor on 18-12-2012 11:50

Yep. CentOS is server version, i.e. RHEL clone. The CentOS6/RHEL6 is based on Fedora 10 (released in 2009) so most of the deskctop packages is outdated. CentOS is good for building a server, but really ugly for desktop e.g. Sk1, Gimp, Inskape, Blender, Scribus etc.