Thread subject: sK1 Project :: SK1 - Colour Profiles

Posted by jnmann on 07-08-2011 13:47

Just started using SK1 in an attempt to replace Coral X4 as I'm using Linux Mint.

How do I set up a colour profile for my printer in SK1 though? I click on the relevant section but there's no detail in there.

Anyone able to help please?

Posted by jnmann on 19-08-2011 21:50

No one able to help with this? :-(

Posted by igor on 19-08-2011 22:16

Well... sK1 uses built-in profiles. There is no way to change color profiles from UI. This issue is not implemented yet. If you have Python programming skills you could change profile names in file.

Posted by jnmann on 20-08-2011 15:29

Thanks for your response :-)

So I can't select a specific printer profile to print with then?