Thread subject: sK1 Project :: HPGL Labels

Posted by jcolag on 25-08-2011 20:15

My office is trying to resolve a schism between two groups of engineers and varying software. One one side, product #1 dumps out HPGL. On the other, they need DXF.

I tried Inkscape, then UniConverter directly (what a great tool, incidentally!), and it's further along than the conversion product they're thinking of buying, but there are still some problems.

Specifically, when I open the HPGL (which I renamed PLT--this is probably an issue, but none of their software has heard of plot files, apparently), the schematic is beautiful, but none of the HPGL labels appear.

For example, in the HPGL, I have the line:


But "Project" doesn't show in Inkscape or in UniConverter's output files.

Any thoughts on either whether this is an easy fix to the code or there's something I can do to make this work right?


Posted by jcolag on 29-08-2011 20:47

I realize I should possibly mention that DXF output isn't part of the issue. It forgot that UniConverter doesn't convert to them. Oops.

Posted by igor on 19-09-2011 00:38

We have supported PLT format for cutting plotters (ROLAND like machines). This is simplified HPGL subformat so HPGL labels are not supported.