Thread subject: sK1 Project :: CDR -> SVG: no text?

Posted by Stephan on 06-10-2011 13:53


I just tried out the Windows version (1.1.5) of UC and converted some CDR files (should be V11) to SVG, but when I open them in InkScape (Windows, V 0.48), I noticed that none of the text elements from the CDR file appear in the SVG file.

Same effect with PDF: the text is not included.

Since I'm new to UC and InkScape: is that to be expected, or am I maybe doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for pointers,


Posted by igor on 06-10-2011 16:10


Such behavior is expectable because Artistic & Paragraph Text objects in CDR format are not supported even in latest UC version. We hope adding this feature in UniConvertor 2.0

Posted by Stephan on 07-10-2011 07:27

Hi Igor,

ok, thanks for your reply.

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