Thread subject: sK1 Project :: i18n

Posted by markusbarth on 25-09-2009 12:57

I would like to contribute to this project by doing the translations into German and Spanish. However, I would appreciate if somebody could point me to how to get into gears with that.

Posted by igor on 25-09-2009 18:45


Currently translation resources are under construction. But if you wish I can let you know when the resources will be ready for translation.

Usually translation stage is right before release i.e. after Release Candidate version, when UI building is finished.

Posted by markusbarth on 27-09-2009 06:51

Yes, that's fine. I am interested in the translation part because this is usually a good entry point to get involved in a project. Thanks a lot, if meanwhile I can give a helping hand with other minor things, just let me know