Thread subject: sK1 Project :: sk1 for Mandriva2009

Posted by mich67 on 21-10-2009 06:50

where is download for Mandriva 2009
sk1-0.9.1pre-7.1.i586.rpm- dont load

Posted by igor on 22-10-2009 22:55


I have recompiled sK1 rev.730 rpm package for MDV2009, so you can download it from sK1 Download Page

Posted by mich67 on 23-10-2009 12:15

sorry! but it dont installed: Error bad but libtk8.5 its present????

Posted by igor on 23-10-2009 15:38

I have tested proposed package and found that it works correctly:

So I can suppose that there is a problem with tk package in your system. Also you can try installing sK1 package from Mandriva official Contribs repository:

Package from this repository is even newer than latest snapshot on our download page.

Posted by mich67 on 26-10-2009 12:04

thank you very much