Thread subject: sK1 Project :: How to install sK1 inside PCLinuxOS?

Posted by rizaqu on 25-10-2009 07:28

Greetings everyone.
I'm curious about installing sK1 inside PCLinuxOS machine. I used to an Ubuntu user until I found out that Ubuntu (i.e. Intrepid and later) ain't have CinePaint in their repositories. That's why I moved to PCLinuxOS (i.e. 2009.1). PCLinuxOS has CinePaint. And surprise... PCLinuxOS' Gimp, Inkscape, and Scribus are brand new version with many features that Ubuntu doesn't. But, I personally can't find a way to install sK1 inside my PCLinuxOS system due to PCLinuxOS lack support of [tcl] and [tk] libraries.
That's it, I need help for sure. Thanks.:)

Posted by igor on 26-10-2009 15:05


I have tested PCLinuxOS. Pretty Mandriva clone. :)

due to PCLinuxOS lack support of [tcl] and [tk] libraries.

It's incorrect conclusion. PCLinuxOS 2009.2 contains tcl/tk by default. But unfortunately PCLinuxOS maintainer is very conservative (even some icons are from KDE 2.x :) ) so distro includes old tcl/tk 8.4. To compile sK1 you need at least 8.5 version (current tcl/tk version in Mandriva is 8.6). So you need installing new tcl/tk version to resolve dependency. I think you can try compiling tcl/tk from SRPM.

Other distro components are good so if you will resolve tcl/tk issue there will be not a problem to build sK1 package on this platform.

Posted by rizaqu on 08-11-2009 17:54

Oh well, thank you very much for your quick reply. I've just read your post by now. I'm too busy to get involved in this forum. I'll try your suggestion. :)