Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Running and using UniConvertor

Posted by Copperfield on 28-10-2009 13:30

Dear Igor,

I am a totally beginner in linux.
I would like to run it by the run command but it didn't work.
I downloaded from the webpage and installed it.

Could you write me some manual for the UniConvertor usage for example the commands if you have any.

Thanks so much!


Posted by igor on 28-10-2009 21:06

Hi David!

UniConvertor is a command-line tool. So to use it you need using console. Like other similar tools UniConvertor contains build-in help. Just open terminal and run following command:

uniconv --help

UniConvertor usage is ultimately simple. For example:

uniconv file_name.cdr other_name.svg

This command converts CorelDRAW format file into Scalable Vector Graphics format.