Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Import drops effects and text

Posted by werner slabbert on 19-11-2009 13:42

when i import my cdr file sk1 drops or rather loses my text box formatting. the 16 or so pages i had are now all stacked onto one page, in corel i had rounded boxes wich now are square. i had images placed into boxes( power clip function in corel ) wich now float around.

What i want to know is, is the functionallity of sk1 going to stay as limited as it is or will we be one day able to realy forget the windows based enviroment???

untill i find an linux app that gives me the functionallity of corel i cannot rid myself of this monkey on my back they call windows. :@

please please sk1 Project tell me you can rectify this problem ?????

oh by the by great work so far on the app. two thumbs up. :)

ps: is there not a way that you can maybe form a cdr plugin for gimp or inkscape or something like that?