Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Filling an vectorial object

Posted by Ciberkun on 21-11-2009 11:46

Sorry, my english is little, I hope you understand me:

I'm recently coming from Windows and I work with Corel Draw.

Now I like Linux, I'm working with Ubuntu 9.10, and Sk1 is the best Corel sustitute for me.
I'm importing all my works in cdr to Sk1, the best way is in my old Corel, save as Adobe Ilustrator ver. 6.0, in curves, because in text mode, sometimes my text is loosed when I import in Sk1.

My only problem is when I have an object filled. If is filled in one color it's all ok, but Corel can fill in textures and bitmaps, and Sk1 can't take this option (I think).

Is possible fill with textures or bitmaps in Sk1?
If is not possible, may be in a near future?

Thanks for your atention.


Posted by igor on 21-11-2009 11:54


Actually sK1 inherited fill with bitmap/texture from Skencil but on this moment this feature is not implemented for Cairo based engine, because such fill type depends on Container feature. I hope we will implement these features in next release.