Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Uniconvertor on Lauchpad

Posted by jazzynico on 23-11-2009 21:29


The dev ressources page says the project uses Lauchpad as a bug tracker. Unfortunately, when I try to report a bug on Lauchpad on the Unicovertor's page, I get this message: "UniConvertor does not use Launchpad as its bug tracker.".

Lots of Uniconvertor's bugs are currently reported on Inkscape's page, and it would be great to link them to their project (in fact, it's possible to link these existing bugs to Uniconvertor, but since there's no bug supervisor, it's completely useless).

What's your plan about it? If you need some help, I can help managing those bugs in LP.

Posted by igor on 24-11-2009 10:38


Actually we have selected other way for bug report management. Reported bugs are important info and this info should be under team control. So we have started preparing own bugtracker. I would prefer to use JIRA issue tracker but unfortunately this system is a heavy weight java web application. So it requires dedicated web server (i.e. real dedicated hardware not a virtual sever). To resolve this issue we have selected phpBugtracker and now we are customizing this application for our purposes. I hope soon we will announce our new web service for issue reporting.

After that you can joining to us for bugs managing. At least we will need to collect all the bugs from LP, our old forum and from current forum.

Posted by jazzynico on 26-11-2009 11:51

Hi Igor,

I think I'll link the Univertor bugs reported in Inkscape to the Uniconvertor Launchpad page shortly, even if you don't use it, so that there's an exhaustive list of all the existing LP reports somewhere.
Thus, you'll just have to copy it to your bug management system, and link the old bugs (in LP) to this new system (LP allows remote bug watch).


Nicolas (JazzyNico)
Inkscape project ;)