Thread subject: sK1 Project :: I am new of mac os x

Posted by raffaeleserafini on 30-11-2009 06:04

I have snow leopard
I had window for 14 years and got rid of pc forever. All my corel draw files are unreadable with inkscape.
Questions :
1)Which of your uniconverter should I download?
2)Are they dmg files that autoinstall when click on them? Should I place them in a particular directory? Should I activate them from somewhere?

such questions may be dumm, but my knowlege of Mac or programming in very law.

thanks whoever can reply

Posted by igor on 01-12-2009 14:30


We have no UniConvertor dmg packages for MacOS X. Therefore you need compiling UniConvertor for your system from sources (tar.gz package). For next UniConvertor release we are planning to provide dmg but for Leopard system only.