Thread subject: sK1 Project :: how to use uniconv?

Posted by Kirzz on 06-12-2009 09:51


I have hundreds of .CDR-Files Ver. 5 - 12 on Windows XP 32 SP 3

I have installed the latest Vers. of Python (2.6) and UniConvertor.
I have never worked with a command line tool, so I need your help.

My Situation:
My CDR-Files are in the Directory of C:\CDRFiles\
Directory CDRFiles has SubDirectorys
Ownclips <DIR>
Wappen <DIR>

There are approximately 850 CDR files in the folders and I want to convert it in one go in EPS or ai files. Is it possible to convert a complete folder?

Why?: Because I change from Win32 to Mac OS X and Illustrator CS4, for that I must convert the CDR, to the best file form for Illustrator, - probably EPS?

If Yes, I need help what I have to do?

Posted by igor on 06-12-2009 15:57


Thank you for your interest to our software.

Please note that UniConvertor can translates CDR files from 7 up to X4 version. So files 5 and 6 versions will be unrecognized.

Concerning bulk operations unfortunately UniConvertor doesn't support such feature. But there is no problem to write small Python wrapper for this. I will try preparing such wrapper for you.

Posted by Kirzz on 08-12-2009 17:21


I'm Looking forward for it!
I hope you find time for it :)

Posted by m_ardito on 05-01-2010 09:07

i was just looking for infos to do exactly the same thing, i thought to learn some useful python to do it, but your version will be surely best than mine, and i could learn some good python from it!

i have the corel 7 clipart cd to convert (btw, more than 28.000 cdr files!), and it has a quite nested tree folder structure.
it would be nice to be able to convert the base folder and all the subfolders to another folder, in order to get a "replica" of the cdr folders in svg format.

by the way i would also like to get a sort of "preview" index, like an html thumbnail index to quickly explore all the files, as i did in the original paper printed index of the corel suite, now that wonderful book is broken and some sheets lost. it also had fonts, textures, it was quite useful as an "index with previews"...

let us know if/when you post that wwrapper somewhere, it would be very appreciated, as your kindness...:D


Posted by m_ardito on 06-01-2010 11:19

ok i just managed to use os.walk to get a list of all the cdr files, and i'm ready to pass each one to uniconvertor to make them svg, in another tree folder structure. i am struggling to understand how can i import uniconvert in my script?

looking at the __init__, uniconv() expects three command line parameters(options, inputfile, outputfile), how can i call a "massuniconv()" function getting the same parameters but called from the script? or should i invoke a "system" python call from the script from my script? i think that would be worse for performance reasons...? i know this is my poor python knowledge, but... anyone can help me? Thanks :)

Posted by m_ardito on 06-01-2010 18:42

well, i managed to convert all of the cdr (28771 out of 28778 files, it must have failed on 7....). i wrote a small script using a system call, instead of importing uniconvert modules, i gave up on that. the script took a few hours on my notebook (about 6-7 hours).

attached is my little script (python 2.6): as i said before it converts all of the files, no matter if nested in folders, and creates new svg files in an equivalent tree folder structure but named 'svg', in the same parent folder of the source one.

i hope this can be useful to others...


Posted by max on 06-01-2010 18:57


Hi m_ardito. I also dealt with this matter.
For reference there are a couple of scripts for Linux and Windows.
But they work only in the current directory.

Thank you.

Posted by puszczyk on 08-02-2011 02:12

Hello to all. I have the same problem - hundreds of cdrs and no Corel (I'm using Linux Mint). I'm not a programmer, nor even a scripter - just a regular guy who got fed up with MS, so I would be grateful for a simple how-to on batch cdr to svg conversion on linux. Thank you in advance.

Posted by max on 08-02-2011 12:26

Hi puszczyk.
1. Download and install uniconvertor ver.1.1.5
2. start the console and go to the directory with the files cdr, by typing
cd <directory name>

3. typing
for i in `find . -print | grep -i '.cdr'`; do uniconvertor $i $i.svg; echo "converted" $i; done

4. waiting for the end of conversion.

Edited by max on 08-02-2011 12:29