Thread subject: sK1 Project :: Is there an Ubuntu 9.10's sK1 package?

Posted by sk1_tester on 12-01-2010 12:12


Is there an Ubuntu 9.10's sK1 package?
I've found a repos of sK1 for Ubuntu, but there is no 9.10 version there.

Project is alive?

Posted by max on 12-01-2010 14:05

I think the package from Ubuntu 9.04 is suitable for Ubuntu 9.10.
I am wrong?

For you the best way to get the editor sK1 is get it from svn.

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Posted by igor on 13-01-2010 05:48


I think we need building another preview snapshot for sK1. During last moths there were many serious changes in the project so such snapshot could be really useful.

Now I'm downloading Ubuntu 9.10 images (32bit and 64bit) so I hope to build sK1 packages in nearest future.