Thread subject: sK1 Project :: LaTeX support

Posted by Karolvs on 17-02-2010 04:27

Please let me recall that one add-on of Skencil is the SketchLaTeX Plugin:

Using this plugin it is possible to label diagrams with mathematical formulae in a very elegant way; when embedding the diagrams as epstex files in a LaTeX file, the typesetting in the diagrams is consistent with the typesetting of the rest of the document. This helped me to produce quality PDF files suitable for publication in world-class maths journals. So I would be delighted if the SketchLaTeX Plugin may be ported to sK1.

Posted by igor on 17-02-2010 10:23

I think it's not a problem. sK1 extends Sketch functionality and document object model so all plugins can be ported.