Thread subject: sK1 Project :: PES import

Posted by alvinpenner on 18-02-2010 23:53

will PES import be supported in version 1.1.5 ?

Posted by max on 19-02-2010 14:31

alvinpenner, Yes of course. I have already talked about this at

In sK1 added filters import for:
DST (Tajima) Design format
PES (Brother) Embroidery file format
EXP (Melco) Embroidery file format
PCS (Pfaff home) Design format
They will be available in the next release Uniconvertor.

Scheme of work now looks like this:
Filter PES -> Uniconvertor -> filter SVG -> Inkscape
There is an assumption that the problem in the filter SVG.
I do not have the embroidery machines and can not verify the scaling.

If you have the specifications and examples of other file formats I am ready to add them.
Comments, suggestions and assistance is also accepted.