Thread subject: sK1 Project :: converting Inkscape .svg to .ai

Posted by Roygee on 23-02-2010 16:10

Dear igor

Thank you for making Uniconverter available - I am totally new to Python, so need some detailed help, please.

Have installed all the files mentioned, but can't find the Uniconverter console - only the Python GUI and command line appear. No Uniconverter shown in my list of apps.

Using Windows XP Home SP3.

Thank you for any help

Posted by igor on 23-02-2010 20:46


Unfortunately UniConvertor win32 distribution is unperfect.
Please find uniconv.cmd file and move it in the directory which is in system path.

We plan to fix this issue in next release. Also we are going to provide a ready msi bundle with all dependencies - Python, PIL etc.

Posted by Roygee on 24-02-2010 05:49

Hi Igor - thanks for the reply - uniconv.cmd is in c:\python26\scripts. Where should I move it to?

Best regards


Posted by igor on 24-02-2010 14:39

Try moving to c:\python26 - this directory is usually in system path by default.

Edited by igor on 24-02-2010 14:39

Posted by Roygee on 24-02-2010 17:48

Thank you - I have done that, but when I try to open the uniconv.cmd, what I assume is the console flashes on the screen for one second - a black box?, then off.

One thing that I think could be wrong - in the instructions you say to download the ReportLab package - on e the ReportLab site, there are a number of downlaodables, none of which says specifically "ReportLab Package" - I downloaded "reportlab-2.4.win32-py2.6.exe".

Is this correct? Or should I download others or something else?



Posted by igor on 24-02-2010 19:24

Sorry, Uniconvertor is a unix-way application so it works in console.
Here is a short instruction:

1.Start cmd.exe (console)
2.Type command: uniconv.cmd my_file.cdr my_file.svg

and you will get converted file from CDR to SVG format
also you can run help: uniconv.cmd --help

Yes I know, Windows users prefer GUI application. And we have scheduled GUI shell for UniConvertor. But pure UniConvertor will be always command-line application because it is used as a backend on servers.

Posted by Roygee on 25-02-2010 03:59

Thank you, Igor - I will eagerly await the GUI shell for Windows;)

Best regards and keep up the good work


Posted by Roygee on 25-02-2010 05:10

I want to report success;)

I was expecting to have to run the conversion from the UniConverter console - once I realized it had to be run from the Windows command line, it worked just great - converted an Inkscape .svg to .ai and it imports into my graphics app perfectly;)

Thanks once more for making this available